How to create an invoice for my upsells?

Upsells allow you to make more revenue on your bookings by offering guests additional items or services that they can purchase.

Once you have an upsell sale, you will be able to create an invoice for the upsell. Here's how to do it.

When a guest makes a booking on your website and adds an upsell, it automatically creates a sale in your Upsells section. The steps to manually add a sale can be found in this article.

  1. Scroll to the Upsells icon
  2. Click on the Sales tab
  3. Locate the Sale that you will like to create an invoice for, click on the Options icon then Create Invoice
  4. You will now be able to add new line items and set your invoice and due date.
  5. Click Save after filling out the required fields
  6. After saving, you will be able to choose when to charge the invoice, as long as the card the guest entered on the website was valid and successfully saved to Stripe
  7. If you experience problems charging the card and need to send the guest the invoice to complete the payment, you can choose the Send Now or Send Later options

The Webready Invoicing app will allow you to automate your invoicing and have them charged or sent to guests. For more on this, please see the article on Invoice Rules.

Tokeet users already have access to Invoicing and this can be set up directly within Tokeet, there is no need to subscribe to the Webready Invoicing app.

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