How do I delete rentals?

If you've sold or stopped renting one of your properties and wish to remove them from Webready then you will need to use the Archive option. The process described below will guide you through archiving your rental and ensuring that it is not included in your website(s).

Before beginning it is very important that you fully understand the requirements and consequences of archiving a rental and deleting the associated data from Webready. These are the steps that will need to be completed manually.

Delete all websites or website associations: Any single rental websites that include the rental you are archiving will need to be deleted. If the rental you are archiving is included on a multi-rental website, you will need to remove it from the rental list.

This is the only step required to archive your rental. However, information relating to that rental will still be in the different areas of Webready, such as bookings and hold events etc. If you also wish to delete this information permanently, then you will need to follow the remaining steps.

Delete all inquiries and bookings: In your booking list, filter by the rental that you will like removed then delete all the inquiries and bookings for that rental. You will also have the option to delete guest data relating to the inquiries and bookings. Detailed steps on how to do this can be found in the article How Do I Delete an Inquiry?

Please note that deleting an inquiry will cause any Automata triggers or Webready automations to fire messages that go out when a booking is canceled. Please make sure to pause any canceled booking triggers before completing this step to avoid sending unnecessary messages to the guests associated with these deleted items.

Delete all hold events: When deleting hold events, please be aware that any iCal connections to this rental may automatically pull deleted hold events back onto the calendar if a scheduled refresh occurs while you are manually deleting these events.

At this point your rental has been archived and the associated data deleted from the Webready account. Please note that any active channel connections linked to this rental will be removed. This does not mean that the channel has been disconnected. Only that the rental is no longer connected to the listing.

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