eDocuments Overview

Create, send and view electronically-signed templates professionally using eDocuments. Contracts, documents and forms are created quickly and easily by uploading documents in various formats. Prepare the templates for signing through an intuitive, graphical interface. Easily monitor the status of all sent templates with easy-to-use filters, and an informative inbox. Creating, organizing and retrieving important legal documents has never been easier!

  • Templates is where you can upload and prepare your various contracts, documents and forms. You can preview the document before sending to any recipients.
  • Inbox displays your sent templates in a list where you can view the activity logs of your contracts, documents and forms, as well as resend or share the templates. The audit trail is visible on the last page of each completed template.
  • Automations allow you to set up triggers to automatically send your contracts, forms and documents based on an event or time related to the booking.
  • Custom Codes allow you to create your own data dictionary entries and associate them with one or more rentals.

To find answers to the most common support questions, please take a look at our helpful FAQ that will be updated regularly with new questions and answers.

eDocuments is charged based on consumption and is calculated per document. If you add the app to your Webready account, you won't be charged until you start sending documents. The pricing is as follows:

For the first 1 to 10 - $0.99 per document

For the next 11 to 50 - $0.49 per document

For the remaining documents - $0.25 per document

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