How do I view my messages?

Your Webready website allows potential guests to send you a message through your inquiry form, contact form, and booking form. This article will show you where you can view your messages.

Messages can be accessed from different areas in your Bookings section.

  • Navigate to Bookings

  • You can locate the booking on the Calendar or Bookings List tabs
    Click on the booking on the calendar to view the booking details pop up

Click on the View Messages button

Booking List:

Here you can also click on the booking to view the booking details pop up or you can click on the message icon on the right of the booking.

Regardless of how you access the messages, you will see a pop up window of all the messages relating to that entry, allowing you to scroll through the messages sent by the form.

Note: For messages sent by the Contact form on your website, the dates in the booking will be the current date and the number of nights will be 0.

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