How to use the Website Editor

Welcome to Webready. We understand that learning to use a new website builder can be daunting and often confusing. Here’s a quick guide on how to use the Webready editor.

Let's take a look at the top navigation bar. Here’s where you can go to your site settings, select the page to edit, preview your website, undo and redo changes and also save your website.

Page Settings

You can add/remove/hide components in the website builder. Please note not all components have the same options to edit. The Rental Header, Footer and Site Menu components cannot be removed.


There are a variety of components that can be added to your pages. These will allow you to add things such as a:

  • Text Section
  • Image
  • Gallery
  • Divider
  • Slider
  • Map Section
  • Booking Widget
  • Rental Details Section
  • Rental Reservation Form
  • Rental Info Section
  • Rental Calendar Section
Note: The type of components available on your pages will vary depending on the template

SEO Settings

You can edit both your Page SEO as well as your Site SEO settings. 

There are many database variables you can add to the SEO settings.

Global Settings

In the global settings, you can set your websites typography, colours, responsive breakpoints, Site logo and favicon. You can also add your custom JS, CSS and HTML code here.


This is where you can add, delete and manage your pages. Built-in Pages cannot be removed or hidden.

This is where you can manage your navigation menu.


This is where you can manage which rental/s are assigned to this website.


You can also edit your components on your page further. You are able to edit the settings of the rental and toggle the colour of the component background on or off. 

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