Linking Rentals Together

You may occasionally need to link Rentals together in Tokeet.  

Let’s say you have a House with Room 1 and Room 2.  You would like for House bookings to block calendars for Room 1 and Room 2.   

You will export a calendar for the House and import it into Room 1 and into Room 2.   Configuring this is easy in Tokeet.  

1. Export House Calendar

  • Navigate to the Bookings tab > Booking List.
  • In the Exported iCals section, click "Add".
  • Choose the rental name from the list and click "Export".
  • In the popup, copy the Tokeet exported calendar URL.

2. Import House Calendar to Room 1 and Room 2

Stay on the same screen, or repeat steps from part 1. (Bookings tab > Booking List)

  • In the Imported iCals section, click "Add".
  • Give the imported calendar a name. 
  • Paste the House calendar URL you copied from part 1 of this guide.
    Important: at the end of the calendar URL, append &anonymous=1

When you repeat the Import process for Room 2, you will append &anonymous=2

  • Select Rental to import this calendar into.
  • Click "Import".

Now, repeat the Import process for Room 2.  As a reminder, you will want to append &anonymous=2 to the calendar URL being imported into Room 2.  

That's it!  Any events on the Whole House calendar will now block the calendars for Room 1 and Room 2.

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