Global Settings Overview

The Global Settings allows you to specify options that are applied to your entire website, such as colors, types of fonts, the logo used etc.

  • First, you must go to the Editor by clicking on the “Edit” button on your website details page.

  • Next, click on the “Global Settings” option in the left navigation panel.

The Global Settings pop up box can be moved by clicking the heading area and dragging it. It can also be resized by clicking the bottom right corner and moving the cursor.

The settings are separated by different tabs:

Note: options on the different tabs may vary depending on the template of your website

Typography - set the font type and size for your website

Colors - set your primary, text and background color on your pages and navigation menu.

Breakpoints - set your max layout width along with your navigation bar breakpoint

Favicon & Logo - select an image for your logo and the favicon for your website, you can also choose to hide your logo

To create a text logo instead of using an image, you can use our logo creator tool. Click here for more.

Rentals - here, you can specify the rentals that can be used for components using “Featured Rentals” or “Popular Rentals” etc

Note: The rental tab will only be displayed for multi-rental websites and for certain templates

Languages - choose if to show the language menu in the header/footer and how they should be displayed

Note: The Languages tab will only be displayed for websites that have the translator app enabled.

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