App Store FAQs

What is the difference between included, unavailable, and available applications?
  • Subscribed - this product has been subscribed to in your account.
  • Available - this product is available to be purchased.
  • Unavailable - this product is not available to be subscribed with your logged in account.
How can I unsubscribe from an Application?

You can go into the All Subscriptions section of the Webready and cancel the subscription at any time.

Does every Application have the same price formula?

No, the price formula is different for the various applications, some applications are a flat fee and some are charged based on the number of rentals etc. For further details, please go to the App Store Detail View for the application.

Once I unsubscribe from an application, will that application disappear from my account instantly?

No, It will be available to you until your next billing date.

If I subscribe to an application, will that be visible in my account immediately?

Yes, it will be visible in your account right after refreshing your page.

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